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Nazwa plemienia:HATER
Liczba członków:1
Punkty 40 najlepszych graczy26
Liczba punktów (ogólnie):26
Średnia punktów:26
Pokonani przeciwnicy: 121.288.138 (12.)
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MadHat & SICHAT & Haters

Oh, I’ve had such a curious dream!” said Alice.
And she told her sister, as well as she could
remember them, all these strange Adventures
of hers that you have just been reading about;
and, when she had finished, her sister kissed
her, and said. 'It was a curious dream, dear,
certainly; but now run in to your tea; it’s
getting late.’ So Alice got up and ran off,
thinking while she ran, as well as she might,
what a wondefrul dream it had been.

We're all mad here